Chasing the Light

Jesus Jordan Parra
2 min readJan 22, 2022

“And God created light on the first day…”

Photo by Zak on Unsplash

Clarity that surrounds me
Darkness that surrounds me
So he told him day and night.

What is clarity?
What is darkness?
We must go to the heart.

By the senses everything is true
No doubts
However it is an appearance.

Semblance of reality
Appearance of existence
Is everything an appearance?

Where we live?
Who lives?
Who thinks?

Word games

Is philosophy a path?
Are religions a path?
Is intuition a path?

We chase the light
We don’t want the dark
The dark scares us.

Darkness and fear
Light and joy
Such is the duality.

But the origin is not dual
In the origin everything is contained
But there is no game.

The game of appearances
Such is life
Such is the perceived reality.

But our hearts
But our intuitions
They call us to something else.

We search hard for the light
We busily reject the darkness
But everything here is a game.

The game of understanding duality
The game of knowing who we are
The game of discovering ourselves as we are.

-I am someone who thinks
-That one day it was created
-And from here I reflect.

Why the fear of the dark?
Why the attraction to light?
Why do we not see integration possible?



Jesus Jordan Parra

Writer of essays, poetry, stories. Studious of the ancestral Traditions. I am also a student of the etymologies of words.