Guardian of Creation

Jesus Jordan Parra
11 min readFeb 6, 2022

“A very old story…”

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Of the stars, the planets and the satellites I come to tell you.

At first the waters of the Spirit remained still, self-absorbed, complete. But something in the stillness was beginning to stir. In that stillness of omniscience and power, something was missing. Someone with whom to experience his Emptiness, his stillness.

The waters began to stir and from that stillness, electromagnetic currents began to emerge within them. That point, small but immense at the same time, began to swell with other forces that impelled her to come out of herself, out of her self-absorption.

This is how those waters of the Spirit, the upper waters, became light and the word, and all creation was started.

The waters of the Spirit expanded in all directions, which at first were none. As in an expansive wave of omniscience, it was densifying, little by little, in the four cardinal points and all its variants. Covering the flat, the width and the height.

No time had ceased and time began, an illusion of creation, but real; because that creation followed some cycles, some spirals, a course. The Spirit continued to live in everything and in itself in no time, but in Creation there was the appearance of time.

And from this legend we emerged, the Guardians and protectors of Creation, to maintain justice, balance and order. Our mission was born with the opening of Her towards what was potentially outside her. Thus the cycles went by, enclosing other smaller ones within them and others…

The matter was organized, but the Spirit remained in them, therefore they felt the Void as a reflection and longed for and adored, the opportunity they had to be able to contemplate outside of themselves, the expansion of Creation.

The Creation was organized in infinite densities and dimensions, according to the higher frequency and lower frequency of that original manifestation. All kinds of beings were occupying the places that were favorable to each one. Diversity knew no limits in the primeval moments, and the still recent memory of the Origin kept them in a consciousness of harmony and balance.

With the passing of the cycles, the will of all the creatures allowed them all, to…



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