In your eyes

Jesus Jordan Parra
1 min readApr 2, 2022

“A look, a galaxy…”

Photo by Roozbeh Badizadegan on Unsplash

I remember your look
From when we met
In a time I don’t remember.

I remember your hands
Pianist’s hands
Observed hands
Desired hands.

I remember the music
In your body
In your legs
In your eyes.

Your physiognomy
So beautiful, so loving
So alive, so joyful
I would like to have you again.

Years, cycles, time
It seems like yesterday
It seems like it was far away
It could be tomorrow.

The iris of your eyes
I was lost in it
When he watched you
While you weren’t looking at me.

I miss looking at you
That we look at each other
That we touch

I miss your voice
Your doorbell
Your melody

Maybe we’ve already met
But as quantum physics says
We depend on the point of the observer.

Maybe someone has already seen the other
Maybe we’ve already talked
Maybe we already know each other.

The memory of you encourages me
It gives me faith, it gives me strength
To continue my way
And know how it goes for you.

Jesus Jordan Parra

Writer of essays, poetry, stories. Studious of the ancestral Traditions. I am also a student of the etymologies of words.