Men don’t cry

Or when the feminine energy of the man was sent to a dark room

Jesus Jordan Parra
7 min readSep 26, 2023


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From a conversation this afternoon, on the terrace of the bar where I spend the weekend, a wonderful country house between forests and fields.

There were five people. Four men and one woman. It’s an extraordinary combination here. Well, the majority of people who come here are female. It seems like a story, but it is not. And we know that Yoga, all gymnastics, and workshops around personal growth are developed chiefly by women.

Only they are interested in the richness of the inner world, which we all possess, And so it is in reality.

A very enriching conversation arose after two hours of continuous conversation about health topics, almost all of them personal. With touches of phrases that can be framed in a painting. Fruit of the spontaneity of the moment and a sunny, dry, calm day for the time of year.

Men Don’t Cry helps me to talk about betrayal, that someone, or a series of anthropological circumstances, have brought half of the world’s population, at least the Western people and perhaps the Asian population, to a ready-made sentence. Men do not cry.

This phrase is made in our language, Spanish and Catalan, and I need to familiarize myself with others, like French, German, or English, if they also have it. But indeed, they have it or another similar one.

This writing is not based on the conversation, but it has been the wishbone that has removed a series of illnesses I have suffered, and many other men have suffered in similar or different ways but with the same basis.

We men were forbidden to cry millennia ago. I don’t know the anthropological reason, but when we were nomads or what we now call a civilized population did not exist, perhaps it was an element of survival. But today, it is not, and it is the cause of many diseases and suffering.

And if we could do it, men would cry more easily, surely the duels, the losses. The daily problems that we men face, it would be easier for men to reconcile with our emotional part and with our feminine aspect.

An exciting topic of that conversation on the terrace, which is a fact, is that men do not usually share events



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