Secret pain

The feminine principle is the only one that can save us

Jesus Jordan Parra
2 min readJun 26, 2022


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I fly above my thoughts
I take distance to get away
I take the necessary time
Reflection of the boomerang
Of what has hurt me.

A bad, a good, it doesn’t matter,
Fate always conspires
Fate always accompanies us
Fate always kills us.

A dream, a wish, a decision,
A tangle of emotions
A tangle of feelings
An unlabeled tangle.

Emotions, feelings, water, tears…;
Of those that you have not been able to spill
Of those that you have not been able to express
Because one day you had to protect yourself.

Of what they would say about your vulnerability
Of what they would say about your sensitivity
Of what they would say if you are a man or a woman.

I miss the female archetype!
Because he contains everything
Because he can express it better
Because in it is a clearer understanding.

Paths, borders, milestones,
Anyone can be a good choice
In fact, the more we think, the more we make mistakes.
What we need is to take charge of our femininity.

This quality was pursued many years ago.
And it still lasts today, no matter how much you want to dress up as feminity,
Feminism does not need to be protected; it is necessary to do so.
Both women and men.

I don’t like isms;
Because they imply an ideology
When nature does not understand isms or ideologies.

The feminine principle, the first, from there everything emerged;
It does not need protection, but understanding, incorporation,
Yes, women need equal opportunities, nothing more.



Jesus Jordan Parra

Writer of essays, poetry, stories. Studious of the ancestral Traditions. I am also a student of the etymologies of words.